My Goal as a DJ

Big up to the Maverick Massive...
I'm DJ Crooks The Maverick, a reggae/hiphop/whateverthehellIwanttoplay DJ from Kingston, Jamaica.
Now branching out in New York, I've been exposed to many aspects of the music and entertainment industry that I wasn't aware of.

Music is such a mystical occurrence, air vibrates at different frequencies, gaining different responses from your ears, which leads you to feel a certain way.
My Goal, as a DJ is to elevate beyond just being a Reggae DJ.
or better yet.. to give the world a caliber of Reggae DJ that they're never seen or experienced.

I've seen clips on of the Major Lazer Duo, DeadMau5, Skrillex and a bunch of other DJ's, and i wonder... WHY IS NO REGGAE DJ GIVING PERFORMANCES OF THIS GRADE?....
Reggae music has molded the music industry in a myriad of ways that many don't realize (Something as simple now as Reverb and Delay are thanks to reggae)


Check out Flying Lotus rockin Coachella

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