Saturday, January 14, 2012

Problems with Jamaican DJs

Despite what some djs might think... Jamaica is the pioneer and mecca of most standards in the music industry today. from recording techniques like overdubbing to things we take for granted like reverbs and delays.
Jamaicans started looping records to make people dance longer, we tweaked voice and pushed the envelope of music to the limit. Jamaicans are the first to come up with the concept of doing another version of the same song then using a song to make another song.

After all of that though we somehow lost our way generations later and became complacent and somewhat confused when it comes to our musical endeavors. Nowadays most Jamaican DJs are (in my opinion) amateur at best and because of that stigma, Jamaican djs only get booked for Jamaican parties by other Jamaicans (regardless of the genre the dj plays).

here are some reasons why only Jamaicans tolerate Jamaican DJs;

Too many sound effects 

most caribbean djs have an armada of sound effects. from bombs to lasers to the most outrageous vocal samples.  nothing is wrong if you use sound effects, the right ones can enhance your set and give you a signature sound. the problem comes in when the club is trying to dance but cant even hear the drums of the song over your stars wars laser battle track and various samples of people shouting how much they enjoy and respect the current dj and that you should too..

How to fix?
Use them sparingly or turn em down damnit!

Playing Too Fast 

this is one that i dont quite understand.. upping the tempo to get a better energy on the dancefloor is one thing, but some DJs [Selectaz] transform all the songs into chipmunk style. not every song should be played at
+30bpm. i've been in parties hearing DJs play songs so fast that people literally cannot dance to it and when you've hit that point.. i believe you need to go home and practice.

theres a part 2 to this as well.. some djs switch the songs way to quickly.. this is OK in SOME situations.. tracks not connecting as they should yet? switch until they do.. that i understand. this only works with few genres of music..

How to fix?
Slow down... relax...

Talking Too Much 


this is most annoying when your favorite track is about to drop.... hyping the crowd is one thing.. don't pause the high energy to have an indepth discussion with someone in the crowd about your struggles in life OVER THE MICROPHONE....

How to Fix?
sometime.. shutup


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