Friday, May 1, 2015

Reggae Singer Keznamdi Charged with possession of 10 Pounds of...

Mi Linky dem find it!!!! You may have seen Keznamdi on tour with many of Reggae Music's current royalties.
He performed recently at the UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival and I personally saw him perform at the legendary DUBCLUB in Los Angeles with Chronixx, Kelissa and Protoje.

The rising reggae star has collaborated with Natural High Muzik, a rising reggae production duo and very good friends of mine, to create what I consider the follow up to my favourite Keznamdi Track "Grade".

This sativa-scented single “10 Pound” is produced by Natural High and Keznamdi. 10 Pound is driven by a seismic bassline, with Keznamdi’s anthemic chorus floating over a dub soundbed straight out of Kingston, Jamaica.


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